Maddie McDonagh Pain

Maddie McDonagh Image

Maddie McDonagh Pain played for Scotland between 1979 – 1991 captaining Scotland from 1979 – 81.

She was Vice Captain of the Celts for their tour to USA and Canada in 1981 and Vice Captain of the 1982 World Cup Squad. Maddie was also a member of the Scottish Squad which toured to Australia in 1983 and the GB squad which went to Hong Kong and Australia in 1985.

In 1986 Maddie was Vice-Captain of Scotland’s Bronze Medal-winning squad at the 2nd World Cup in Pennsylvania, USA.

In 1988 she went to Canada with the Celtic Squad and in 1989 was a member of the Scottish Squad who went to the World Cup in Australia. In 1993 Maddie was the Manager of the Scotland Squad for the World Cup in Edinburgh.