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The Scottish men’s lacrosse team is defined by its strong heritage, culture and unity. Our goal is to build a program based on character, leadership and personal integrity. Through hard work and professionalism, we seek to further the growth of the team, as well as the individual. As ambassadors of the sport of lacrosse and of Scotland, we will uphold these values both on and off the field to leave a lasting and aspirational legacy for future players, coaches and staff.

2025 European Lacrosse Championships: Invitation to trial

Scotland will be participating in the 2025 European Lacrosse Championships! For all prospective United Kingdom, European, and internationally based players, please read about the team trial dates and eligibility needed to represent Scotland during this tournament. Further detailed information about all aspects of the program will be shared at the end of January 2024.

Open Trial Information:
All interested players are invited to attend one of two Open Trials:

Open Trial #1
24th-25th February 2024, Saturday: 13:00-18:00, Sunday: 10:00-15:00At St. George’s School (Garscube Terrace, Edinburgh EH12 6BG), Grass & Astro
Register now for the Edinburgh Open Trial

Open Trial #2
16th-17th March 2024, Saturday: 12:00-17:00, Sunday: 10:00-15:00

Bacon’s College Community Sports Centre (Timber Pond Rd, London SE16 6AX), Grass
Register for the London Open Trial

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The cost per Open Trial will be £50.00. Those who want to participate in both trails are more than welcome to do so. Please note that accommodation will not be provided for either weekend, so players will need to organise their own lodging. In addition, involvement in these Open Trials will require a Lacrosse Scotland annual membership. If you are not an active member, you cannot trial for the team. Lastly, players must attend BOTH the Saturday and Sunday sessions of whichever trial weekend they are attending.

Expectations for UK & European Based Players:
All United Kingdom and European based players are required to attend an Open Trial, both domestic spring tournaments, and then every Training Camp from now until the 2025 European Championships. A complete schedule of our training dates is found below to help with your future planning. However, we also understand that we need to be flexible. If communicated in advance, a player will get an excused absence for major life events, such as weddings, funerals, births, family emergencies, etc. This also includes players who are currently on the Box Lacrosse roster. These athletes will not have to join the team until January 2025 so that they can focus on their World Championship in the United States. If you will miss an upcoming session(s), please contact me to further discuss the situation. The Senior Squad will remain open to new players until Friday, 13th September 2024. This is to accommodate university students and/or other players new to the game that want to join the squad in the autumn. However, anyone joining after this date will have to spend a minimum of two months with the Academy Team before being considered for promotion to the Senior Team. The Academy Team will remain open until we leave for the 2025 European Championships.

Expectations for Overseas Based Players:
All Scottish hopefuls based overseas will need to make an alternative commitment to be considered for the final squad. All international players will be required to attend at least one Open Trial, domestic spring tournament, or Training Camp between February 2024 and September 2024, and then a second one between October 2024 and June 2025. This means that overseas players should expect to come over a minimum of two (2) times in next 18 months to compete for a spot on the final roster at the 2025 European Championships. All interested overseas players who can meet these important attendance requirements, please contact Coach Bagley (contact details below) by Friday, 23rd February 2024 to declare your intention to trial for the team, and when you expect to come to the UK to trial.

Eligibility Criteria:
To be eligible to represent Scotland in international lacrosse competition, you must first be a member of Lacrosse Scotland. In addition, the lower limit age for the Scottish Men’s National Lacrosse Program is 18 years.

If you hold a UK passport you must meet at least one of the following criteria and you must need to provide documentary evidence to support your eligibility criteria statement:
o You were born in Scotland
o One or both or your parents were born in Scotland
o One or both of your grandparents were born in Scotland
o You are married to a person who was born in Scotland
o You were resident in Scotland, at some point, for at least 5 years
o You were resident in Scotland for 12 months prior to the competition
o You currently attend school or university in Scotland (applies to Juniors / U19s only)
o You have exceptional circumstances that Lacrosse Board has approved

If you do NOT hold a UK passport, you must meet at least one of the following criteria and you must need to provide documentary evidence to support your eligibility criteria statement:
o One or both birth parents, adoptive parents, or stepparents born in Scotland
o One or more birth or adoptive grandparents born in Scotland (Step-grandparents are not acceptable)
o Partner / spouse being a passport holder of the country, with the qualification that the couple must be
resident in Scotland
o Minimum of a two-year residency period in the playing country within the last five (5) years. This does
not necessarily have to be a continuous period but a cumulative total period of two (2) years over the
previous five (5) years. For clarity the 5-year time period is that immediately preceding the championship for which eligibility is being sought.

Training Dates

  • 24th & 25th February 2024: Open Trials (Edinburgh, Scotland)
  • 16th & 17th March 2024: Open Trials (London, England)
  • 5th, 6th & 7th April 2024: Home Internationals (Cardiff, Wales)
  • 4th & 5th May 2024: Nick Kehoe International (Wilmslow, England)
  • 15th & 16th June 2024: Training Camp (Inverclyde, Scotland)
  • 17th & 18th August 2024: Training Camp (Inverclyde, Scotland)
  • 14th & 15th September 2024: Training Camp (Inverclyde, Scotland)
  • **October 2024: Training Camp (Inverclyde, Scotland)
  • **November 2024: Training Camp (Inverclyde, Scotland)
  • 4th & 5th January 2025: Training Camp (Inverclyde, Scotland)
  • **February 2025: Training Camp (Inverclyde, Scotland)
  • **February 2025: EuroLax Sixes Cup (Algarve, Portugal)
  • **April 2025: Home Internationals (Scotland)
  • **April 2025: Nick Kehoe International (Wilmslow, England)
  • 7th & 8th June 2025: Training Camp (Inverclyde, Scotland)
  • 5th & 6th July 2025: Training Camp (Inverclyde, Scotland)
  • **June/July/August 2025: 2025 European Championship (TBA)

** Dates TBD

Please note that the schedule is subject to change due to inclement weather etc. Any adjustments will be communicated as far in advance as possible.

Management & Support Staff

Head Coach – Matt Bagley
Manager – Hannes Weisbecker

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