Who we are

Lacrosse Scotland is the national governing body for the sport of lacrosse in Scotland. Established in 1992, the organization is responsible for promoting, developing, and governing the sport at all levels throughout the country. Lacrosse Scotland provides opportunities for players, coaches, officials, and enthusiasts to engage in the sport, fostering growth and creating a vibrant lacrosse community in Scotland.

Mission and Objectives

Lacrosse Scotland operates with a clear mission and set of objectives aimed at advancing the sport and supporting its participants. The organisation’s primary mission is to promote and develop lacrosse in Scotland, ensuring accessibility, inclusivity, and high standards of play.

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Community and Participation

Lacrosse Scotland places great emphasis on fostering a strong and inclusive lacrosse community. The organisation aims to create a welcoming and supportive environment for players, coaches, officials, and enthusiasts. The organisation encourage participation from all backgrounds, ages, and abilities, striving to make lacrosse accessible and enjoyable for everyone.

Lacrosse Scotland supports the establishment and growth of lacrosse clubs throughout the country, providing guidance, resources, and assistance to these organisations. The organisation actively promote the sport in schools and universities, encouraging the development of lacrosse programs and teams.

Additionally, Lacrosse Scotland facilitates the sharing of knowledge, experiences, and ideas through events, workshops, and networking opportunities. They work to create a sense of unity among the lacrosse community in Scotland, fostering connections and collaboration between players, coaches, officials, and supporters.


Lacrosse Scotland plays a vital role in the promotion, development, and governance of lacrosse in Scotland. Through their dedication, resources, and programs, they strive to create a thriving lacrosse community and provide opportunities for individuals to participate, compete, and excel in the sport. Lacrosse Scotland’s commitment to inclusivity, education, and collaboration ensures that lacrosse continues to grow and flourish in Scotland for years to come.


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