How to play lacrosse

Lacrosse is a sport in which teams compete against each other to score more goals than their opponents. Players carry the ball in the net of their stick, and pass the ball to their teammates through the air. The ball is similar in size to a tennis ball but twice as heavy. Notably, in lacrosse, players can carry the ball behind the goal making it unique compared to other team sports.  

There are many variations of lacrosse. Women’s, Men’s and Mixed lacrosse have similar rules, with the main differences being the contact level that is permitted. Women’s and Mixed lacrosse players wear limited body protection whereas helmets and protective gloves are mandatory in the Men’s game. Goalkeepers in all field disciplines must wear additional protective equipment and play with a larger net. 

Box lacrosse is played indoors, with the pitch resembling that of an ice hockey rink. The goal is smaller in Box lacrosse than field lacrosse and the goalkeepers wear much more protection.

Lacrosse sixes is a new format of the sport. The rules and pitch are adjusted to increase the pace of the game, with fewer rules meaning fewer stoppages and more end to end action. 


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