Finance Director

4 March 2023

Term: 2 years, with option of seeking re-election for further 2 years

Commitment: monthly board meetings, quarterly workshop days, attendance at AGMs and regular meetings with committees

Payment: this is a volunteer position and is unpaid.

Expenses: expenses will be reimbursed in accordance with the Lacrosse Scotland Expense policy

Appointment process: A CV and covering letter must be sent to and must be received by 25th June 2023. Voted on to the board by Lacrosse Scotland members at the AGM.

Overall Summary

Lacrosse is a small, but very exciting, sport and Lacrosse Scotland is committed to developing our player base in Scotland across all ages and at all levels. Lacrosse has Olympic recognition and part of our strategic plan is to implement and maintain robust, manageable and transparent financial planning and financial procedures. The ideal candidate will have a proven track record in business development.


  • Together with the other Directors deliver the Lacrosse Scotland Strategic Plan 2020-2024 with specific responsibility for Lacrosse Scotland’s financial strategy to meet the business goals
  • Provide strategic and financial guidance to ensure the organisations financial commitments are met
  • In 2024, help to define the next Business cycle from 2025 onwards
  • Develop the necessary financial policies and procedures to ensure sound financial management, including the Lacrosse Scotland Finance Manual and Expenses Policy
  • Develop and control the organisation’s annual operating budget and ensure budgets are produced by all budget holders, approving all Lacrosse Scotland spending
  • Oversee preparation of year end accounts to ensure they are presented accurately and on time to HMRC/Companies House
  • Manage one or more committees and a volunteer bookkeeper
  • Effectively manage and control the day to day finances. Make payments for all areas of Lacrosse Scotland
  • Monitor & support grant distribution
  • Keep Companies House records up to date.


  • Familiar with Xero
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills
  • Accounting qualification (desirable)
  • Experience of managing volunteers (desirable)


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