Safeguarding Officer (Child Wellbeing & Protection Officer (CWPO))

25 May 2023

Term: The term runs for two years

Commitment: monthly board meetings,
quarterly workshop days, attendance at AGMs
and regular meetings with committees.

Payment: this is a volunteer position and is

Expenses: expenses will be reimbursed in
accordance with the Lacrosse Scotland Expense

Appointment process: CV & Cover Letter to be sent to

Reporting to: Lacrosse Scotland Vice Chair

Overall Summary

Lacrosse is a small, but very exciting, sport and Lacrosse Scotland is committed to developing our
player base in Scotland across all ages and at all levels.

Lacrosse Scotland is recognised by sportscotland as the sport’s governing body. It has a duty to
ensure the child wellbeing and protection of all children and young people who participate in the
sport as defined in the Protection of Vulnerable Groups (Scotland) Act 2007. It has well established
policies and practices in place to support the delivery of this duty and in March 2020 was compliant.
In order to maintain the standards at governing body level and support local lacrosse clubs we are
seeking to appoint an experienced volunteer to lead and promote child wellbeing and protection in
our organisation.

This post is regarded as regulated work and membership of the PVG Scheme will be required.


  • Lead on the effective implementation of child wellbeing and protection policies and
    procedures throughout the sport
  • Implement the SGB child wellbeing and protection policies and procedure with the national
  • Encourage good practice by promoting and championing the child wellbeing and protection
    policy and procedures
  • Monitor and review the child wellbeing and protection policy and procedures to ensure they
    remain current and fit for purpose
  • Regularly report on child wellbeing and protection progress to the Lacrosse Scotland Board
  • Raise awareness of the SGB child wellbeing and protection officer role to children,
    parent/carers and adults involved in the sports organisation
  • Raise awareness of the Codes of Conduct for those working with children, parent/carers, and
  • Challenge behaviours from adults which breaches their code of conduct
  • Keep abreast of developments in the field of child wellbeing and protection by liaising with
    the Child Wellbeing and Protection in Sport Service (Sis) by attending training and
    subscribing to the newsletter
  • Organise /signpost appropriate training opportunities for adults working / volunteering with
    children in Lacrosse Scotland
  • Respond appropriately to disclosures and concerns which relate to the wellbeing and or
    protection of a child
  • Maintain confidential records of cases of abuse or wellbeing concerns and any action taken
  • Liaise with statutory agencies and ensure they have been given all appropriate information
  • Support affiliated clubs and their Child Wellbeing and Protection Officers.


  • Have an interest in child wellbeing and protection matters
  • Have the ability to build relationship with Lacrosse Scotland Board, members, parents / guardians, children and other volunteers within the sport organisation
  • A willingness to challenge opinion where necessary and drive child wellbeing and protection agenda
  • Strong listening skill and ability to deal with sensitive situations with confidence, integrity and mange child wellbeing and protection issues
  • Trained to appropriate level to carry out duties of the post
  • Knowledge of child wellbeing and protection legislation
  • Experience of working with children


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