Becoming a coach

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Support for coaches

The following booklets contain drill and game ideas for all levels of lacrosse players. 

The Bronze booklet is aimed at complete beginners. Bronze Booklet.pdf

The Silver booklet is suitable for those who have played before and are working towards playing competitively. Silver Booklet.pdf

The Gold booklet is aimed at ‘A’ Teams and suitable for teams looking to progress to the next level. Gold Booklet.pdf

Other resources:

UK coaching website – has many online courses to help with the non sport specific aspects of coaching. 

World Lacrosse Coaching Resources – a lot of these are taken from US lacrosse, but there are booklets on drills and principles for coaching youth lacrosse players (6-14 year olds).

Coaching support – if you would like support in coaching or have any questions regarding coaching please email

Lacrosse Scotland offer coaching sessions for clubs. If you are interested, pleased get in contact with


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