Coaching Induction Pack

Lacrosse Scotland – Coaching (Safeguarding) Induction Pack

Prior to taking on any form of Coaching or Volunteering Role involving Children, all individuals should have read, understood and followed the below instructions and guidelines pertaining to the effective Safeguarding of Children in Lacrosse.

Policies & Procedures

  • Please ensure that you have read the Child Protection Policy
    • Key areas to note:
      • PVG Guidance: Section 6: Recruitment & Selection
      • Child Wellbeing: SHANARRI Policy
      • Anti-Bullying Policy & Procedures
      • Responding to Concerns about a Child and/or Volunteer/member of staff
      • Lacrosse Scotland Code of Conduct

Training Requirements & Qualifications

  • Prior to taking on any Volunteering, Coaching or other Lacrosse-related involvements with Children, all individuals should have an up to date PVG Accreditation.
    • If you do not have a PVG, you can obtain one through the stated LS Process in the Child Protection Policy with the support of LS CPO / Safeguarding Officer & Lead PVG Signatory.
    • If you have an existing PVG, please provide the following details to the Child Protection Committee:
      • Which body was your PVG organised through?
      • When does your accreditation expire?
      • What activities does your PVG cover you for?
    • If your previous PVG has expired, then you should obtain a new PVG through the stated LS Process.
  • Prior to taking on any Volunteering, Coaching or other Lacrosse-related involvements with Children, all individuals must have completed Sport Scotland’s Level 1 Child Wellbeing and Protection in Sport (CWPS) course
    • This course is made of Module 1, an online course, and Module 2, a 3 hour face to face workshop. You must complete both before undertaking volunteering or coaching with Children through LS. Follow the below link for all info:
  • If you are your club’s nominated Safeguarding or Child Protection Officer, you should also be aiming to complete this additional training course


All records/certifications of your training should be logged on your membership profile and communicated to the LS Child Protection Committee (alongside the relevant CP Officers at any clubs/schools you are going to be working with). Once your records are confirmed as up to date, accurate and correctly recorded, you will receive full clearance to commence your coaching work.

Key things to consider when undertaking Volunteering or Coaching
  • Club Pathways:
    • When coaching in Schools, have you given thought to what the pathway is between school/taster sessions, and regular participation for Juniors in Club Lacrosse?
    • Have you contacted the LDO (if applicable) or other coaches in your area to understand what existing coaching activity (if any) is happening
  • Equipment:
    • Do you have access to sufficient equipment to allow you to undertake your desired coaching plans?
    • If not, make contact with Lacrosse Scotland to understand what extra equipment and support is available.

 Feedback & Development:

    • Have you considered how the children in your sessions can offer feedback and input into how they are coached?
    • Lacrosse Scotland are committed to giving every Child a say in how they interact with our sport, in keeping with Children 1st guidance on Safeguarding in Sport – further information can be found in this infographic 
    • Gathering feedback can be as simple as a paper based questionnaire, asking children for direct feedback after sessions, or even nominating a class representative to speak on behalf of the other children. Consider what works best for your situation, but endeavour to ensure that every child is given an opportunity to have their say.
Re-imbursement & Expenses
  • You may re-claim reasonable expenses related to your activities, such as travel and equipment costs using the LS Expenses Form