Following the announcement from World Lacrosse regarding their newly formed Technical Committees and Subcomittees, Lacrosse Scotland would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Lorna Powell, LS Chair, on her appointment to the Rules Subcommittee – Women’s Lacrosse.   This appointment follows a comprehensive recruitment process and we know Lorna will be a great addition to this committee.



World Lacrosse, the international federation for men’s and women’s lacrosse, announced today that it has formed its nine Technical Committees and Subcommittees and made appointments to each.  The nine Technical Committees and Subcommittees are:

Education and Training Committee

Officiating Committee
Officiating Subcommittee – Women’s Lacrosse
Officiating Subcommittee – Men’s Lacrosse
Officiating Subcommittee – Indoor Lacrosse

Rules Committee
Rules Subcommittee – Women’s Lacrosse
Rules Subcommittee – Men’s Lacrosse
Rules Subcommittee – Indoor Lacrosse

Appointments to the nine Technical Committees and Subcommittees follow a comprehensive member-engagement and recruitment process. Committee and Subcommittee members, all of whom are volunteers with World Lacrosse, are beginning their work immediately to support the continued growth and development of lacrosse around the globe.

The Committee and Subcommittee members hail from 13 different countries.

“We have assembled a diverse group of technical experts from within our membership who are very engaged and committed to delivering a first-class participant experience for our players, officials, coaches and lacrosse fans,” said World Lacrosse Technical Director and Board of Directors member, Don Blacklock. Blacklock oversees the various Technical Committees on behalf of World Lacrosse.

“There is much work to be done, whether through developing and refining rules, developing officials or creating resources to support the officiating pathway. This is a great group people, with tremendous talent and experience, who will commit their personal time to support the continued growth of the game, and we thank them for the willingness to continue volunteering their time in support of our international federation and game.” added Blacklock. Don Blackwood, World Lacrosse Technical Director and Board of Directors Member

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