Webinar Questions Summary

Webinar Questions Summary

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3. Lacrosse Scotland Selection Policy

Really looking forward to this chat and discussion, obviously, I have some thoughts around what I think works and where we, as a sport, can improve. I have attached a number of questions/themes I have been asked by the players. I would be very happy to get on a call prior to this discussion to discuss potential strategies, thoughts, concerns etc.

How do we balance including experienced players, likely from North America, on the National Teams, while also offering spots to less experienced Domestic players, while still keeping the integrity of the selection policy and the honour of representing one’s country?

Do we/should we consider players who only come to trials as parachute players (those living in England, those not playing/contributing to the domestic league)

What does the Board see as the number one priority at international events, Domestic Scottish Representation, or Top finishes

With many of the Men’s field team never stepping foot in Scotland and being selected over skilled and dedicated domestic players, what is the defined pathway to representing the national team?

I will add, I personally see incredible benefits to having a portion of North Americans on the team, but I also acknowledge we need to ensure they are team players, and genuinely want to contribute to the growth of the domestic game, even if they are unable to fly over for trials.