Umpiring Course – Register Now

Level 2 Umpiring Course 13th October

A Level 2 umpiring course will run on Sunday 13th October at Peffermill. This will be led by Fiona Reid.

We are working with Scottish Student Sports re this so you need to register using this link. Details are also on the SSS Event Registration form – £20 (referee = umpire, so don’t worry … you are not going to end up on a refereeing course in error). Start time 9:30am. 

As we will be using new rules this coming season, the online rules test will be updated to reflect this. We will have it ready in time for people to sit it prior to attending the Level 2 course, but it is not available just now. 

If you are unsure of what the various Lacrosse Scotland levels are, check this out.