First GM of SLLA

Scottish Ladies Lacrosse Association

First general meeting October 8th 1920


Miss Strathairn (pictured above) was asked to take the chair. The following were elected to the Committee:-

Miss Stewart, St Leonards School, St Andrews
Vice Presidents:
Miss Worsfold, St Margaret’s School, Polmont
Miss Auld, Ministers’ Daughters’ College, Edinburgh
Hon Secretary :
Mrs Willie Laird, 11 Jedburgh Gardens. Glasgow


Records in the Levick/Boyd archive kindly provided by Karen Davies, the archivist are useful:

AEWL/1/1 – General & Council Meetings Minute Book

Minute 6 of the LLA General Meeting held on 21 July 1920 states  A letter from Miss Strathairn was read re Scotland starting its own Association, and this was agreed to unanimously.

AEWL/19/1/1 – The Ladies Lacrosse Association News Cutting Record Book

This contains a press cutting from The Gentleman, 17 April 1920 of an article by Audrey Levick  ‘The Progress of Lacrosse’ in which is stated In Scotland, the number of players is increasing rapidly.  Two or three clubs have been formed, and most probably before the end of this year they will inaugurate their own association.


The first committee meeting of the Association was held on 5th April 1921 and it was agreed that the entry fee for the forthcoming International match should be 1/3d1 for adults and 9d2 for children.


1 One shilling & threepence (1/3d) is the equivalent of approximately 6p
2 Nine pence (9d) is the equivalent of approximately 4p