Club and School Reps

Club & School Contacts 2020-21

Schools and clubs need to advise Lacrosse Scotland of their representatives each year using this form. Deadline for 2020 is 22nd August. Future years it will be 31st May. 

Club / School Area Representative
Aberdeen City Men’s Club Chris Knowles
Aberdeen University Women’s club Pippa Garden
Dundee University Women’s club Tisha de Guzman
Dundee University Women’s club Kerry Hailstones
Dundee University Women’s club Niamh Fraser
Edinburgh Capital Women’s club Liv Ancell
Edinburgh Capital Women’s club Laura Taylor
Edinburgh Capital Women’s club Jenny Boyd
Edinburgh City Men’s Club David Nicolson
Edinburgh City Men’s Club Ben Robertson
Edinburgh Thistle Women’s club Susanna Burn
Edinburgh Thistle Women’s club Olivia Collinson-Owen
Edinburgh University Women’s club Zoe Dickson
Fettes College School Kitty Synge
Glasgow City Women’s club Kirsty White
Glasgow City Women’s club Hannah Rafferty
Glasgow City Women’s club Eleanor Kerins
Glasgow City Women’s club Flora Goodfellow
Loretto School School Susanna Burn
Robert Gordon University Women’s club Sarah Firth
St Andrews University Women’s club Keava Low
St Andrews University Women’s club Meghan Singh
St Andrews University School Meghan Singh
Stirling City Stags Men’s Club Colin Weir
Stirling University Women’s club Cameron Rosen
Stirling University Women’s club Erin Fitzsimmons
Strathclyde University Women’s club Louise Dewar
Strathclyde University School Daniel Gilmour
Strathclyde University Men’s Club Jack Mitchell