Phase 3.5 Return To Play (Update effective from 10th September)

Phase 3.5 Return To Play (Update effective from 10th September)

Lacrosse Scotland has received approval from sportscotland and Scottish Government for our updated guidelines. A lot of effort and negotiation was required and every single lacrosse player needs to be familiar with these guidelines.

These are specifically tailored for the competitive sport of lacrosse and must not be confused with or compared to the guidelines that you hear about on the news e.g. the rule of 6 that we must follow in our everyday lives. All Sport’s Governing Bodies have worked closely with sportscotland & Scottish Government to agree guidelines that are specific to their sport which will allow people to return to play IF they follow these guidelines. 


Per Lacrosse Scotland guidelines as agreed by the Scottish Government, all participants are required to

1. be members of their Sport’s Governing Body (Lacrosse Scotland) in good standing
2. register with the Sport’s Governing Body’s (Lacrosse Scotland) Track & Trace1
3. sign the participant COVID declaration2


Failure to do any single one of the above means that the individual will

be prohibited to play lacrosse in Scotland &

not be considered eligible for team competition selections


We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause, but we have to follow Government guidelines. Please be very clear the above is a MUST not a SHOULD, COULD or MIGHT.



1 This has to be done for every match, friendly, training etc

2 This has to be done once for this season