Membership Portal Club Affiliation

Pay your club / school membership

This can only be done by appointing one or two key people in your club or school and letting us know who they are. These people must also exist on the portal so if they do not have a login, they need to set up a profile on the portal by following the New Member instructions. Setting up a profile is necessary so we can contact you about renewals, AGMs and provide you with information that you have opted-in to receive.

If you have a profile on Azove, but no Club follow the video directly below

Once this has been done, you need to add you club / school to your profile so you can then pay the club / school membership fee to Lacrosse Scotland.

Click on Yes, pay now and you will be taken to the cart to complete the membership payment.

This may seem a bit of a faff but, in subsequent years, you will only need to do the very last bit – pay for club membership as you will already exist on the portal.

If you have a profile and a Club on Azolve follow the video directly below