Working Groups

Working Groups

Most of the working groups are self-explanatory, but some bullet points have been provided to give you a better idea of what each group would be doing.

Rules & Umpiring working group & Refereeing working group
  • Responsible for training, testing & development of LS Rules & officials.
  • Liaise with FIL & ELF re officials for international events.
  • Organise officials for representative matches in Scotland & identify officials for Home Internationals.
  • Liaise with equivalent officials in other countries re. rules and interpretations, experimental rules etc.
  • Represent Scotland at FIL Officiating meetings and conferences as may be required from time to time, or appoint a delegate to do so.
  • Work to develop and understanding from players and coaches of all levels of the rules and their application to the game.
Men’s league / fixtures working group & Women’s league / fixtures working group

Assist LS Board to

  • Create League fixtures for men’s, women’s and mixed competitions, for field and indoor lacrosse
  • Manage club and player registration forms at the start of the season.
  • Collate registrations
  • Receive team sheets and process match results
  • Maintain league table
  • Update league rules as may be appropriate each season
Women’s clubs representative & Men’s clubs representative 
  • Represent the actions and interests of clubs playing field and indoor lacrosse within Scotland to the Lacrosse Scotland board and to contribute to the running of the game in Scotland.
  • To circulate information from Lacrosse Scotland to the clubs and gather information from the clubs for Lacrosse Scotland.
  • Liaise with all clubs playing within Scotland
  • Act as the clubs first point of contact in any matters relating to the running of the game, and escalate or communicate to and from the Lacrosse Scotland Board
Schools’ representative
  • Co-ordinate senior school fixtures and tournaments, including communicating school fixtures to LS Board for inclusion in the overall calendar
  • Disseminate information from Lacrosse Scotland to member schools
  • Feedback from member schools to Lacrosse Scotland
  • Keep member schools abreast of developments within lacrosse including rule changes etc
  • Communicate coaching needs / requests
  • Communicate umpire development needs / requests
  • Communicate schools’ fixtures – liaise with Rules & Umpiring re testing opportunities e.g. at schools fixtures, tournaments
Membership working group
  • Manage membership subscriptions – registration, payment of fees, ensuring that league players and national players are members, keeping the membership records current.
  • Track & acknowledge any donations made via membership forms.
  • Ensure that LS can report membership stats and breakdown to sportscotland (for example).
  • Work with the Board to implement a tool to assist in membership management
Equipment working group
  • Manage the hire and return of LS equipment e.g. to start up schools, development days, developing clubs.
  • Manage and track cups / trophies and ensure that they are returned and engraved (by LS or the holder).
  • Ensure that, as appropriate they are returned (polished) for presentation at the relevant event especially where a representative team has won a trophy e.g. Robertson cup (Scotland v Wales annual match at Home Internationals).
LS website & social media working group

Work with the Board to see how to get the LS website to

  • better meet the needs of the LS members (playing and supporters)
  • be a “shop window” that attracts sponsors / business partners
  • promote the sport
  • be the place to go for easy to find information about lacrosse in Scotland
  • help with some of the admin tasks
  • assist with the yet to be written LS Communications Strategy

Keep the website information and links current

Communication & social media working group
  • Help LS to carry out structured communications using appropriate media
  • Use appropriate (social) media to promote LS, various lacrosse events and activities
  • Input to a communications strategy
  • Consider ways to best communicate with all members
  • Use social media appropriately and responsibly while promoting all things lacrosse
Safeguarding Officer
  • Manage the Child Protection requirements for LS
  • Keep abreast of changes to Child Protection and advise clubs and coaches
  • Ensure that clubs & coaches have appropriate Child Protection qualifications
  • Keep Child Protection qualifications up to date
  • Manage Child Protection issues
Anti-Doping Officer
  • Manage the Anti-Doping requirements for LS
  • Keep abreast of changes to Anti-Doping and advise national squads
  • Be the national squads first point of contact for Anti-Doping and TUE support
  • Be the Anti-Doping point of contact for communication with the Federation of International Lacrosse
Development working group
  • This group will work closely with one or more of Women’s / Men’s Development Directors
  • Co-ordinate & carry out coaching sessions
  • Identify potential schools and clubs which might be interested
  • Ensure that equipment is available for sessions
  • Ensure that coaches have the required PVG documents
  • Ensure that coaches have the required coaching awards
Events working group
  • Liaise with fixtures group to schedule events e.g. Macrobert, Clubs tournament, Final 4s
  • Liaise with officiating group to agree the officiating requirements
  • Plan events from marketing / advertising through to event delivery
  • Create budgets for all events
  • Recruit volunteers to help to deliver the event “on the day”
  • Work closely with venue to deliver events in accordance with the rules of the game e.g. legally marked pitches
  • Carry out risk assessment where appropriate and create mitigation plan – what-if checks