National Squad Selection Policy Working Group

National Squad Selection Policy

This is being worked on by a group led by the Men’s & Women’s Directors with input from all the National Coaches. The policy will take effect no later than the beginning of the season starting 1st September 2020. Please note that due to the different stages of development within each squad, and the World Events cycles, the policies can and will vary, however they will all be in line with the Strategic Plan. 

“Increasing participation in the sport of Lacrosse – developing the sport from grass roots level upwards, making lacrosse accessible at all levels and promoting lacrosse as a fun and inclusive sport. Ultimately, this should also provide a bigger talent pool for selection to represent Scotland.”

“Develop and publish minimum selection and performance criteria for each squad.”

Lacrosse Scotland is committed to developing a strong domestic base in order to secure a long term future for lacrosse in Scotland. The criteria below (with figures per squad) will be included in each selection policy:

  • Attendance at performance development / squad  / trial weekends
  • Balance of UK / non-UK players