EC21 – Introduction, Trials etc

EC21 – Introduction, Trials etc

We are working very hard behind the scenes to not only nail down a training schedule for the next 12 months – which, as I’m sure you can appreciate, is very difficult given the current circumstances with the Coronavirus – but also to hire new coaches and managers that will help organise and professionalise Team Scotland going forward. In addition, we are exploring new equipment and clothing sponsorships, creating a development team to run alongside the Seniors, revamping our social media presence and stepping up our S&C program to be ready for the 2021 European Championships in Wrocław, Poland.

There are a lot of new and exciting things on the horizon, and I cannot wait to share them all with you!

You will receive a number of correspondences from me over the next few weeks. These will introduce our new fitness test, provide details of the first Open Trial this summer, and give you the complete training schedule for the next year. Please note that all domestic, UK based and European hopefuls who plan to try-out for the team will be required to attend every practice session, which will happen once every 4-6 weeks. All overseas hopefuls will have an alternative commitment that they will be required to meet.

More information on this will be provided in the upcoming weeks. Scotland has a proud heritage and a strong tradition of lacrosse, and the passion that the players, coaches, volunteers and Board members have for the continued growth of the sport is nothing short of inspiring. I look forward to working with you this year, and please share this letter with anyone who you think might not have gotten it. Until then, stay safe and healthy, and keep working hard. We will look to kick things off in the next month!


Matthew Bagley

Head Coach: Scottish Senior Men’s National Field Lacrosse Team