Membership Portal – Add club

Add club / National training squad

When logged in you will see a My Clubs section. Here you can add the clubs that you are associated with. To ease admin and keep all membership data securely in one place, anyone who is part of or wants to be part of any of the National programs, needs to join this “club”. 

Please join the club that is your main club e.g. the one you have joined to play League games. It is not a showstopper if you don’t but is helps when creating reports. This will be shown as your primary club. 

One the tile for your club(s) you will see information that we hold for your club e.g. if your club pays your membership, the main club email, the club website / Facebook page link. This information is added / updated by your club admin. 

Lacrosse Scotland has to invoice clubs who pay their members’ NGB membership fee, but in order for this to happen, you must have added your club to your account, otherwise Lacrosse Scotland will chase you for payment rather than invoice your club. Only Lacrosse Scotland can set the “Club – Pays for Members” indicator.