Membership Portal Help

Membership Portal How To ….

Some help notes have been produced to support you while you get used to using the new Membership Portal. 

How to:

Join as a new member of Lacrosse Scotland

Renew your membership following the Go Live email on 1st September 2019

Pay for your individual membership

Add your club / National Squad

Pay your school / club membership

Register and pay your team league fee

Update your profile (this information is required for reporting purposes e.g. total coaches, total PVG’d etc)

Please note:

If you were a member last season please do not set up a new account as you will now have 2 accounts. This means that you will be automatically chased by the system for payment re the old account, you will have 2 sets of information which will have to be checked and merged back into a single account – this causes us all extra work and angst, so please do not do this. If you have forgotten your ME… username, please just let us know. It take a lot less time for us to click reset password than it takes to merge records, so please just let us know as we will do this willingly.