Members’ Meeting 17th February 2019

As you will be aware a meeting took place on Sunday, 17th February 2019 and with effect from that date there is now an Interim Board running Lacrosse Scotland, in caretaker mode, until a General Meeting (GM) is called. At the GM a Board will be formally appointed by the members of Lacrosse Scotland. More communication will follow re the GM, but we did not want to delay this initial communication as we felt that it is very important to keep you all current with where we are. Four Board members resigned prior to Sunday’s meeting:

  • Anna Weaver (Interim Chair, Communication & Events Director)
  • Dale Armstrong (Development Director)
  • Lee Cousins (Governance Director)
  • Louise Perry (Finance Director)

Subsequent to the meeting Fern Mitchell (Participation Officer) resigned.

We would like to formally thank them for the time and effort they put in to running Lacrosse Scotland. They inherited “baggage” and had much fire-fighting to do, so it is fair to say that they had their work cut out and it certainly was not an easy task. We do not think that people appreciate just how much of their spare time was spent volunteering for lacrosse, so thank you all again.

We are not going to hide from the fact that we have had a horrible time recently, and there are things that the new Board will need to address to ensure that this does not happen again, but we would now ask everyone to let this go and look forward to what we can rebuild – together.

We think these quotes say it much better than we can:

“I am not interested in the past, except as the road to the future.”     Gianni Versace
“To design the future effectively, you must first let go of your past.”  Charles J. Givens


The period from now until the GM is what we think of as our recovery phase. During this phase the caretaker Board will be simply that – no decisions will be made during this period, we will keep the organisation ticking over. This is not laziness, it is complying with the Articles of Association which we must follow. It does not mean that things grind to a halt or that we do nothing – games will still be played and to an extent, you will probably not notice much difference. The caretaker Board will keep LS viable, plan, discover, seek views from the membership and do the groundwork needed to ensure that at the GM we have a pretty good starting position.

The caretaker Board with immediate effect is:

  • Lorna Powell (Interim Chair)
  • Emily Knight (Women’s Performance Director)
  • Jan Heumann (League Director)

Our current priorities are ensuring the accounts will be submitted to Companies House on time and preparation for the GM, which we will endeavour to schedule as quickly as we can (in line with the Articles of Association), whilst also ensuring that we provide enough notice to our membership to facilitate attendance, something which we strongly encourage and ask of you all.

Lorna , Emily and Jan