Local COVID restrictions – URGENT

Glasgow COVID Restrictions

In line with the NEW (September) Glasgow Covid restrictions from the Scottish Government, NO PLAYERS who are residents in West Dunbartonshire, the City of Glasgow and East Renfrewshire will be allowed to travel outside that area and no players living outside West Dunbartonshire, the City of Glasgow and East Renfrewshire can travel to that area. For avoidance of doubt this affects all lacrosse – National Team training weekends, club training, scrimmages etc

Note: Although this information relates to Glasgow, the same applies to any other cities and regions that are currently under lockdown across the U.K. e.g. City of Manchester, Oldham, Pendle, Leicester and parts of Blackburn with Darwen. 


When we announced the RTP guidelines, local restrictions were always a possibility, so while this is disappointing it should not come as a surprise, especially if you follow the COVID news.

Lacrosse Scotland is working to Scottish Government guidelines – we have to comply or we put the whole sport at risk. Times are tough, but always remember … big picture … lacrosse is wonderful and a way of life for many of us, however nothing is more important than life itself. We each have a responsibility to protect others and especially those with or living with conditions that put them in a higher risk category. If you are frustrated, disappointed and need to let off steam – go for a run, do some wall ball or something positive with all that pent up energy. If you do get in touch, please remember that all communication must be respectful and please do not shoot the messenger.  

A wee peek behind the scenes – publishing the guidelines

Each set of Lacrosse Scotland guidelines are carefully thought out and worded in accordance with each set of new or updated guidelines from the Scottish Government. Each sport has to digest the government guidelines and work out what it means for their sport, then write bespoke guidelines, get them approved by sportscotland and finally we can publish the Lacrosse Scotland guidelines on the website. This takes considerable time & effort. Mason has negotiated hard to get the most he can for lacrosse and without his hard work we would not have got this far.

He also has to react to interim updates, including the latest local restrictions, going through the same drafting & approval process before going live on the website. He is doing the same work as other sports who have a team of full time staff assigned to COVID tasks and he is doing sterling work on our behalf.

It is a thankless task as he rarely brings the news that we all want to hear, so I ask that when you see him, please thank him for all he is doing. It is not fun being the bearer of COVID news !!

Thank you Mason. 


Lacrosse is back – let’s all keep it that way. 


Lorna Powell

Lacrosse Scotland Chair