Expense will only be considered for claims made on the correctly completed form, with proof of spend included / attached. For mileage claims, please provide the from and to postcodes – Google Maps will do the mileage calculation. The form will be sent to the budget holder / authoriser, so check who this is before submitting expenses as this will help to speed up the expense claim payment. .

Once approved by the budget holder / authoriser, the form will be sent to the Finance Director for payment.

Download Expense Form

General Guidelines

Expenses incurred when carrying out approved activities for Lacrosse Scotland are refunded on submission of an expense form signed by:

  • The person claiming the expenses (the claimant)
  • The person approving the expenses (the budget holder/authoriser)
  • Lacrosse Scotland has to be able to show in its Annual Accounts how its money is spent and that each spend is authorised
  • The expense claim form is the mechanism for claiming back from Lacrosse Scotland money that has been spent on approved activities.
  • The use of email and electronic inter bank payments allow quick refunds to the claimant.
  • Generally, invoices for larger amounts will be paid directly by Lacrosse Scotland to avoid members having to extend credit to Lacrosse Scotland.
  • Approval for the paying of expenses is the responsibility of the budget holder. Anyone planning to claim expenses should first obtain the budget holder’s agreement regarding the spend. Having reached agreement on what will be refunded, the person claiming needs to follow the expense process (outlined below) to ensure prompt repayment.

Expense Process

What is allowed?

  • All planned expenses must be agreed with the budget holder before money is paid. If items have not been pre-approved the budget holder has the authority to refuse these expenses to be paid.
  • Expenses must be incurred solely on activities associated with Lacrosse Scotland
  • Travel to and from matches (when acting in an official capacity, umpiring etc)
  • Items bought on behalf of players when on an organised tour (kit, food etc)
  • Travel to official conferences when representing Lacrosse Scotland
  • Travel to board meetings, when holding an official post
  • If there is any doubt, contact the budget holder before making any purchase.