GB Coaches Appointed For The World Games 2021

GB Coaches Appointed For The World Games 2021

Great Britain Lacrosse is pleased to announce the appointment of Tom Wenham and Phil Collier as Head Coaches of the respective Men’s and Women’s teams for the upcoming 2021 World Games in Birmingham, Alabama, USA.

All three home nations, England, Scotland, and Wales have actively supported the recruitment process to appoint Phil and Tom and this joint working will continue as a Great Britain structure is developed to support the two teams over the coming months.

Lacrosse has been a part of the World Games since 2017, a multi-sport event for sports that are recognised by the International Olympic Committee but not contested at the games, participation in which is highly important in assisting our sport on the journey to Olympic Games inclusion.

The event will see the two GB teams play the new Olympic format of Lacrosse against fellow top ranked countries including Australia, Canada and the USA.

Great Britain Council Chair, Sallie Barker, commented: “The appointment of Phil and Tom is an excellent start to the work that GB needs to undertake to compete successfully on the world stage.

“Phil and Tom are very experienced at World Championship level and have the knowledge and imagination to develop our teams to play the new Olympic Lacrosse format and beat the best in the world”.

All the home nations would like to wish Phil and Tom every success in The 2021 World Games.

Further adverts for GB Lacrosse positions and announcements on progress towards squad selections will be posted over the next few months.