COVID Update 2020-10-08

URGENT: LACROSSE SCOTLAND GUIDELINES – Guidance for enhanced Scotland Restrictions

Effective from: 8 October 2020

For: All Members, Coaches, and Players

Affected Areas: All of Scotland

1st Minister Announced Restrictions: For two weeks from 10 October, the following rules will apply: Snooker and pool halls, indoor bowling alleys, casinos and bingo halls are closed. Contact sports for people aged 18 and over are also suspended, with an exception for professional sports. Indoor group exercise activities are not allowed – although the current rules will remain in place for under-18s. Gyms remain open for individual exercise. All lacrosse activity for age 18 & over will not be permitted in Scotland until midnight on Sunday 25th October. You are asked to avoid public transport unless it is absolutely necessary – for example, for going to school or to work if home working is not an option. The Scottish government has advised people not to travel outside the area if they don’t need to – and likewise, they are advising people in other parts of Scotland not to travel to these areas if they don’t need to.


From 10 October to 24 October, all team-based lacrosse in Scotland for participants 18 years old and over will be suspended. All competitions and friendlies are also temporarily suspended. Under 18s and individual training will be permitted as long as the existing RTP3 guidelines are followed. U18s are asked not to travel outside their immediate area to attend training.


Further clarification of these guidelines are forthcoming as soon as possible and apply to Scotland only and have been produced in line with the Government guidance on public spaces, outdoor activity and exercise announced on 7 October 2020 by the First Minister.