COVID chart

Know Your Risk – At A Glance

This image below is handy for a quick check. Please note that this does not supercede

  • Lacrosse Scotland advice regarding return to play
  • Government advice

At all times please continue to follow the advice of the experts – even if you think the advice / restrictions are overkill and that “it won’t happen to me and if it does I will be fine”. It is not “about me / us”. We cannot see the virus and when we are out and about we don’t know

  • who is “at risk”
  • who has a friend or relative “at risk”
  • if we (or they) are asymptomatic and are spreading the virus

We will get back to lacrosse in some form, if we hang in there and do everything in our power to protect ourselves and others at all times. 

Please take care and stay safe & healthy. 

Note that football (risk scale 7) relates to American football as this is an American site.