COVID 19 Match Day Responsibilities (30SEPT20)

COVID 19 Match Day Responsibilities

Here is a document to help clubs to understand what is required when organising matches. It is not just the job of the captains or Covid Officers to enforce the guidelines, every single participant (player, coach & official) must take personal responsibility to do their bit to fight this virus which is doing its very best to disrupt our lives. Although the document focuses on match days, the content can be applied to squad training weekends.




Follow the guidelines

No-one enjoys living such restricted lives especially when, this time last year, our lives were full of lacrosse, socialising, travelling, studying etc, but unless we all knuckle down and do as asked, we are going to be restricted for longer.

The virus is invisible, many people have invisible medical conditions which puts them at higher risk and we have no idea who we are potentially exposing if we decide to do something which we know breaches the Covid guidelines. This kind of irresponsible action is NOT ACCEPTABLE.


Avoid guideline breaches / violations

As we have re-entered a heightened level of Covid-19 spread, it is now more important than ever that we work together. Failure to follow the rules could result in the Governmental requested suspension of ALL lacrosse activities in Scotland until the pandemic is over. This is why we feel need to make it very clear, beyond doubt, that breaking the Lacrosse Scotland Covid Guidelines will result in the Lacrosse Scotland Disciplinary process being initiated. The document below provides more detail.



As responsible adults we all have to

  • follow the guidelines, no excuses
  • report breaches, even if it was your best buddy, team mate or star player