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Before you raise a query please check that is has not already been covered in the Membership Portal Help Page.

99% of enquiries received are related to not being able to reset your forgotten password when accessing the portal for the first time. The system is actual working perfectly for this process, but you must use the ME… number that was provided in the email of 1st September and you must follow the process and click to the point that you are told that an email is on its way. If an email does not arrive, it is because the end user using their email (instead of the ME number) or they stopped before getting the notification that an email is on its way.

If you were a member last season please do not set up a new account as you will now have 2 accounts. This means that you will be automatically chased by the system for payment re the old account, you will have 2 sets of information which will have to be checked and merged back into a single account – this causes us all extra work and angst, so please do not do this. 

While we are happy to help you, it would also help us if you check out the help notes first. 

Still having a problem? No need to get stuck, please fill out the form below so we can see if we can help, or escalate it to GoMembership/Azolve. 

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