LS Committee Vacancies

Lacrosse Scotland Committees are the operational part of LS, where volunteers are hands-on, working directly with the membership. Each appointed committee / group / individual will be aligned to a Board Director, so would get support and direction. In this way LS starts to get some oversight, co-ordination and harmonisation of controls, process / policies / procedures across the whole organisation as everyone is working with the same strategic plan and vision as their “blueprint”. By working closely with the Board, the volunteers also get to understand a bit more about the functioning of LS, the decisions made, and they will have the opportunity to represent the opinion of the section of the membership which they are representing.

Below is a list of committee / group / individual positions to be filled. This is an initial list to let people see the number and variety of opportunities available. More may well appear. Volunteering is a great way to enhance CVs, hone skills and show employers that you are committed, reliable and can manage your time.

Note that I have split groups into men and women in a number of areas. Men and women need to work in the same way i.e. follow the same agreed LS processes, however we might need a group / committee leader to overseeing 2 groups, simply to share the load. The leader will be responsible for ensuring that the 2 groups work in the same way and will be expected to hold some joint meetings as appropriate. We must move from the mindset of “we’ve always done it this way” to one where we get the “best of breed” by taking learning points from each group and applying them to both men and women. The leader could be a Board director or a committee / group leader, but it does not affect the working of the groups.

Committee List

  • Men’s league / fixtures committee / group
  • Women’s league / fixtures committee / group
  • Rules & Umpiring committee / group
  • Refereeing committee / group
  • Women’s clubs rep committee / group
  • Men’s clubs rep committee / group
  • Schools’ rep
  • Membership committee / group / secretary
  • Equipment committee / group
  • LS website committee / group
  • Communication & social media committee group
  • Child Protection Officer(s)
  • Anti-Doping Officer
  • Development committee / group
  • Events committee / group

All the above will need to provide a report to Lacrosse Scotland board meetings on request – the frequency of reporting will depend on the group tasks, the targets etc.
Many will need to prepare and present an annual budget forecast, with appropriate support / input from the Board
All will be encouraged to propose changes to / improvements in their area

Note that these have been included to give everyone an idea of the areas that we need volunteers to help with. This is not a set in stone list, but it is important to illustrate the exciting variety of roles and to highlight that we don’t just need 6-10 Board directors, but a significant number of people doing the operational (and some may say, more exciting) work.

If you are interested in being part of one or more committees, please complete the Committee Application form to express your interest.