2019 Clubs Tournament – 6th October




At Peffermill Playing Fields, Edinburgh
(Organised by Edinburgh Thistle Lacrosse Club)
Tournament starts at 10.30am sharp and will continue until approximately 3pm
  1. Every member club of Lacrosse Scotland is invited to enter a team (or more than one if you wish) to compete for the historic Scottish Clubs Tournament

  2. The event is being organised on behalf of Lacrosse Scotland by Edinburgh Thistle (on a rotational basis) at Peffermill. The tournament referee is Fiona Reid (or her deputy) and her decision on all matters will be final.
  3. Rules will be those applying to the LS women’s league for 2019-20 unless additional tournament rules are given on the day at the tournament referee’s discretion.
  4. There will be 10 players on the field at any one time and a maximum squad size of 18 players. Each team should submit a written team sheet at the start of the tournament listing all players – if the club enters more than one team then players should be only on one list.  Each team will play a minimum of 4 tournament matches.
  5. An entry fee of £55 per team entered is due – and should be paid before the closing date to Lacrosse Scotland through BACS: Sort code: 40-40-01 Account no: 22202611. There is no refund for teams that enter then subsequently withdraw from the tournament after the closing date.
  6. Each team must have an accompanying umpire of at least Level 2 standard. Please name this umpire (these umpires) on your entry form.  They will not umpire at the same time as their linked team is playing. Please contact Fiona with any questions about umpiring – testing and re-testing for level 2 standard for an individual umpire may be possible at the event – but on an individual case-by-case basis, subject to the usual fee. 
  7. Please complete the attached entry form and email it to Fiona Reid (fionareid13@btinternet.com) and at the same time do a BACS transfer to Lacrosse Scotland no later than Monday 30th September at 10am. Add the reference “CLUBS” and your club name to identify the transfer.
  8. Cancellation due to weather will be by 5pm on Saturday 5th October (where possible). Please give a mobile number at which a club representative can be contacted on 5th October 6-8pm in case of cancellation/alteration of venue.
  9. Further information about the tournament will be sent out by email on Monday 30th September including format of the tournament and any other important details including pitch surface and relevant footwear.

Please note that no dogs are permitted on the Peffermill Playing Fields.

Looking forward to seeing you for a fun tournament!