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Rosabelle Sinclair

Rosabelle Sinclair was a member of first Scottish international team in 1913. She successfully started women’s lacrosse in the USA…

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Norah Strathairn

Norah Strathairn was a member of the first international team in 1913. She continued to play, coach and also wrote…

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Joyce Cran Barry

Joyce Cran Barry (Cran) played lacrosse for Scotland in 1923 and 1924. She was a member of Edinburgh Ladies. Joyce…

Josephine K. Stewart Image
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Josephine K. Stewart

Josephine K. Stewart was a member of the first Ladies Lacrosse Council in 1912 and was the first President of…

Hope Douglas-Brown Image
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Hope Douglas-Brown

Hope Douglas-Brown was educated at Glasgow High School and Madame Osterberg’s College pf Physical Training. She played between 1920 –…

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Dorothy Simpson (Lowe)

Dorothy Simpson (Lowe) played in the first international in 1913. She was a founder member of the SLLA. She was…

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Betty Thin

Betty Thin played in the 1920/30s and obtained 22 caps. Unusually for that era she continued to play after she…