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Valerie Houston

Valerie Houston had just left school when she volunteered as a steward at the Brine 1982 World Lacrosse Tournament in…

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Sylvia Gibbard (McCrann)

Sylvia Gibbard (McCrann) played for Scotland for ten years between 1961 – 70 inclusive. She was selected for the Rest…

Mary McCosh Image
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Mary McCosh (Wiltshire)

Mary McCosh (Wiltshire) played for Scotland in 1976 and was invited to select for the Scottish Schoolgirls. Mary was the…

Maddie McDonagh Image
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Maddie McDonagh Pain

Maddie McDonagh Pain played for Scotland between 1979 – 1991 captaining Scotland from 1979 – 81. She was Vice Captain…

Louise Rankin Image
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Louise Rankin

Louise Rankin was involved with Scottish Lacrosse from 1938 onwards. When matches resumed after the war Louise was one of…

Lorna Powell Image
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Lorna Powell (Murdie, Scott)

Lorna Powell (Murdie/Scott) played for the Scottish Schoolgirls and then for Scotland in three World Cups 1982, 1993 and lastly…

Judy Summerson Image
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Judy Summerson (Minns)

Judy Summerson (Minns) played for Scotland 1964 – 74 captaining the squad 1973 – 1974. She was selected for the…

John Marr Image
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John Marr

John Marr earned selection to the England team for the 1982 World Games, where he broke the record for the…

Jenny Pearson Image
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Jenny Pearson (Dawson)

Jenny Pearson (Dawson) was selected to play for the Scottish Schoolgirls in 1975 and was Captain of the team in…

Fiona Roger Image
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Fiona Roger (Murray)

Fiona Roger played for Scotland between 1965 and 1975. In 1967 was selected for the GBITTs. Fiona was Match Secretary…