Batten down the hatches


Non-essential contact and unnecessary travel stopped

Following updated information yesterday, we have all been asked to “stop non-essential contact with others and to stop all unnecessary travel” – so in case anyone was under any other impression, this includes lacrosse. Yes, lacrosse is non-essential  / unnecessary – I cannot believe I am typing these words!! 

Seriously though, all group lacrosse activity needs to end – by all means practice in your garden alone but club training / friendlies etc need to stop – now, if they haven’t already. It is our collective responsibility to follow the advice of the experts so, while it is disappointing to cancel any lacrosse activity, this is what we must all do. Beating this virus is a team effort like no other that any of us have ever been involved in – this is not the time to try to be the team diva or be blasé, each and everyone of us just needs to knuckle down and graft for the benefit of the whole team and carry out what we are being asked to do (sound familiar?). It seems like we are in this for the long haul, so please ensure that you keep touching base with each other and check that everyone is OK – naturally use technology,  please do not go visiting. 

The AGM also falls victim to the non-essential contact / unnecessary travel advice, so we are working on having an online AGM. Please still keep this date and time free and we will issue more information as soon as we can re this. 

Let’s all do our bit, heed advice, shop responsibly, help our neighbour(s) – safely – keep washing our hands and stay virus-free. 

Stay safe & healthy.