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Lacrosse Scotland Membership & Events Portal FAQs

The FAQs will be updated as common questions appear. 

Topic Question Answer
Booking event(s) I am trying to register as a triallist for a Performance Development event but it won’t let me

To register as a triallist you must be a member of Lacrosse Scotland, so once you either join or renew your membership you will be able to register and buy a ticket for the Performance Development event

Known Issues

Description Status Date

Password reset not working – the reset password emails are not being received.

PLEASE NOTE THAT YOU MUST USE THE USERNAME AS SHOWN IN THE EMAIL YOU WERE SENT ON 1ST SEPTEMBER. If you use your email, it won’t work, as this is not the username that Azolve set up when it migrated our data to their system.

If you prefer to have username = your email:
Once you reset your password for the first time and get logged into your account you can change the username to your email in your Profile. Once you have done this your username = your email, then future password resets will work when you use your email.

Resolved 21/09/2019

Members cannot register for events and are presented with an error message which prevents them from buying a ticket.

Resolved 18/09/2019

An event was booked and paid for but it is not appearing the member’s calendar

Resolved 17/09/2019

Members have an Account Verification status of pending, because the automated account verification status was not being updated when the members clicked the verification link.

Resolved 17/09/2019