AGM 2021 Candidate Synopses

Directors’ Synopses

All new candidates have applied to job vacancies advertised on Lacrosse Scotland, sportscotland & Scottish Sports Association websites and have been through a formal interview process. Prior to the AGM, each director was invited to provide a brief background (below), in addition to being given the opportunity to speak for up to 2 minutes at the AGM. Members will have the opportunity to ask the candidates questions at the AGM.

Mason Robbins - Chairperson
No summary provided.
Norman McGlinchey - Vice-Chairperson
My knowledge and experience in sport has been developed over many years as a player, socially and competitively, as a coach, coach educator working for a National Governing Body and work done alongside stakeholders.

Currently I work as the Head Coach at a local tennis facility and for Wallball Scotland, a new sport which is being introduced into Scotland.

My previous role working as the Coach Education Manager for a Sports Governing Body required me to oversee the delivery of the organisations coach education and officiating programme. This involved working with players, coaches, tutors, assessors and stakeholders. I have considerable experience in driving community development objectives, business development and uniting communities through sport and physical activity. My experience, knowledge and skill in directing delivery of KPIs in sports participation, sports development, coaching and talent programmes align well to the role of Vice Chairman with Lacrosse Scotland. My collaborative style will ensure that I direct, support and guide Lacrosse Scotland towards their shared vision, and targets, respecting autonomy and sharing good practice.

I feel that I am at a stage in my career, and professionally ready, to not only take on a vitally important role such as Lacrosse Scotland Vice Chair, but also make a resounding success of it. I have a capacity for leadership through vision, communication, inspiration, and action. In addition to this I am a passionate, driven, enthusiastic and hungry to succeed, with many ideas about how to drive success in sport NGBs. I have demonstrated leadership through the training, support and monitoring of the tutor/assessor workforce used to deliver and assess the coach education pathway. I have, over the time in my recent positions, created opportunities for players, coaches, tutors and assessors to develop their skills.

It is my belief that participation in sport at any level will enhance the life of any participant by developing them as people. Sport can enhance such skills as confidence, discipline, problem solving,  develop a solid work ethic as well as improving social skills such as teamwork, communication, planning and most of all self esteem and confidence. The role of the National Governing Body is paramount to this process therefore how we govern, educate and develop our sport is equally important. With this in mind I believe many of the skills I have acquired over many years could be used in partnership with the organisation to move it closer to achieving its shared vision to deliver a world class programme of lacrosse in Scotland providing opportunities for all.

Adele Tolometti - Finance Director

My mainstream career is as an accountant.  I have practised for over 30 years working in the manufacturing and advertising sectors, and latterly in public practice. My involvement in the sports and leisure sector began as a mum of a young promising gymnast who grew and developed to an athlete of international, elite standard.  This experience has given me a personal insight into the demands and pressures required of an aspiring sports person.

At Club level, I became the treasurer and trustee of a local gymnastics club. In my tenure, alongside the Board and management team, we have developed the club from a club using part-time council and volunteer coaches, operating from a part-time public community facility, to a fully-fledged, registered sports charity, employing its own coaching team, and possessing a permanent, state-of-the-art gymnasium – one of the best such facilities in the North of Scotland covering participants throughout the North-East of Scotland.

I had served as the Finance Director of Scottish Gymnastics (SG) from 2014 to 2020.  As part of a new Board with a brief to salve a contentious relationship with Sports Scotland and the threat of a suspension in funding, SG is now on a firm foundation built upon transparent relationships with all stakeholders, financially stable, and more pro-active with its members. SG was also able to send 2 full teams of artistic gymnasts to the 2018 Commonwealth Games.

As a summary, the above experience has given me the main skills of: an appreciation of the perspectives of the athlete, the parent, the club, and the governing body; teamwork; collaboration; achieving ambitious and continuous financial and corporate improvement while keeping a focus on the aims of the sport and the athlete.

Kathryn Holm - Director responsible for Communication

No summary provided.

Robert Kielty - Director responsible for Performance & Development

I have diversified and transferred my experience and knowledge of sport into a number of career pathways as well as devoting a lifetime to helping others realise their potential within Education and Sport. My career journey is characterised by three areas, performance sport, education and mentoring. For over 17 years in performance sport, I have held first team coaching roles (physical preparation) and been head of sports science for 5 professional football clubs and have been staff lead for the Scottish Football Association Physical Preparation for children and youth awards. Furthermore, I have delivered many workshops with UEFA coaching awards and delivered conference presentations on a number of themes. I am currently consultant head of sports science for the Fife Elite Professional Youth Football academy. During this time, I also established my own company and delivered consultancy projects with leisure trusts, charities, commercial fitness and professional sport.

My education career started via 3 colleges in Glasgow and the achievements involved being part of the consortium for future Sport based HND re-structuring and the establishment of an international exchange programme. For 18 years I have held sport academic posts in higher education across 4 universities, including Programme Leadership roles across disciplines and have published papers and conference presentations on a variety of themes. I have been an external examiner at 5 universities and invited validation panellist for a number of international awards including the English Football League LMA certificate and the UCFB MSc. Football Studies. I am currently a lecturing on the MSc Sport Management programme and the Faculty of Sport lead for employability at the University of Stirling.

My mentoring output has spanned 20 years but was formally developed as a model for supporting and developing careers whilst working in English Professional Football in 2004. Since then I have established a community of practice mentoring programme aimed at creating professional careers in Sport and this model has been presented at conferences and led to high profile careers amongst many of the mentees.


  1. Experience  and knowledge of Sporting structures in UK and beyond
  2. Working with and managing projects and people
  3. Using innovation to increase human resourcing in sporting bodies
  4. Presenting and communicating
  5. Mentoring people and inspiring career development
  6. Networking and brand
  7. Sporting collaborations using education agencies