Temporary Home Page during COVID

Lacrosse will be back …

… so keep positive, keep training (safely) and we will see each in person soon(ish).

Lacrosse Scotland Board is working closely with sportscotland and the Scottish Government to make season 2020-21 happen ….. safely. It may or may not be “traditional” 10 a-side lacrosse, but with some creative thinking we are pretty confident that we can play lacrosse next season. Much is outside our control , but if we all follow the guidelines and encourage those around us to do the same, we can hopefully avoid another spike and get back playing. While we love the game, safety comes first – for us and everyone that we are in contact with.

We have the best chance of making next season a reality if we all keep up to date with and follow the latest guidelines. We know it is hard and not what we’d choose to be doing, but it will be worth it so hang in there.

A quick summary of the picture as at 30th October shown below:

Link to 30th October guidance

Take care, stay safe and let’s be ready to play lacrosse when it is safe to do so.