National Team Trials and Development Weekends

Lacrosse Scotland is pleased to announce the upcoming senior performance trials for Men’s Box for the 2022 European Championships and Men’s Field for the 2023 World Championships.

We are also resuming development weekends and in-person training camps for Women’s Senior lacrosse in preparation for the 2022 World Championships and Women’s Junior lacrosse teams.

All information and signup can be found via your Scotland Lacrosse membership portal under upcoming events by following this link, Lacrosse Scotland Membership.

Reminder: You MUST be a registered member of Lacrosse Scotland in order to signup, participate in development and training camps, and trial for the National Team. NO EXCEPTIONS!



As all of our representative squads have training and/or selection weekends over the coming weeks, the Board of Lacrosse Scotland wanted to restate that we are committed to equality across our teams, and as such our eligibility criteria is the same for all Senior squads. Junior squads currently have one additional educational criteria, in additional to their obvious age restriction.

In line with our commitment to equality, further to conversations with specialists on the matter, the Board have taken the decision to remove what was criteria (4):

  • You are married to a person who was born in Scotland

This is because ‘marriage and civil partnership status’ is a protected characteristic under the Equality Act 2010. Under the Equality Act 2010, it is unlawful to directly or indirectly discriminate against a person because they are married or in a civil partnership – although is not a protected characteristic in relation to services and public functions, or associations, it does apply in the context of work. As our elite teams may fall under this latter category, we have taken the decision as a Board to take this step.

Thus, our Eligibility Criteria for the 2021-22 season and beyond is as follows:

To be eligible to represent Scotland in international lacrosse competition you must be a member of Lacrosse Scotland & you must meet at least 1 of the criteria below.

  1. You were born in Scotland
  2. One or both or your parents were born in Scotland
  3. One or both of your grandparents were born in Scotland
  4. You were resident in Scotland, at some point, for at least 5 years
  5. You were resident in Scotland for 12 months prior to the competition
  6. You currently attend school or university in Scotland (applies to Juniors / U19s only)

You also need to provide documentary evidence to support your eligibility criteria statement. Prior to all international competitions run by World Lacrosse or the European Lacrosse Federation, all teams must submit documentary evidence of their eligibility to the Board to be cleared to play for their National Team.  If you meet at least one of criteria 1-6 you are in the “Eligible Pool” to be considered for selection by your squad’s selection panel.

Note that for World Events and European Championships players need to meet the eligibility requirements of World Lacrosse, European Lacrosse Federations and International World Games Association, as appropriate.

All representative teams and formats – men’s and women’s, field and box, senior and junior – will adhere to the above eligibility criteria. Individual teams may have further selection policies as agreed with the Board and these will be communicated to the relevant teams as appropriate. 

Any players who feel they have been impacted by the removal of this criteria are invited to contact to discuss the matter further.

We apologise for any confusion that may have arisen over the criteria and look forward to seeing any and all eligible players at our upcoming events. Good luck! 


A note from the Men’s Field Team – Expectations for Players:

In a change from previous national team expectations, all United Kingdom and European based players must attend every Training Camp from now until the championship tournament. All international-based players need to contact their team’s head coach and manager to find out more information on expectations leading up to their championship tournaments. Participants are expected to follow guidelines regarding COVID symptoms and/or close exposure to someone who tests positive for COVID. In such circumstances, it is expected that participants would communicate the situation with coaches as soon as possible. Additionally, while it is intended to follow the training camp schedule exactly, practices may be cancelled or changed due to inclement weather, new governmental pandemic guidelines or other factors.